Clevedon Hall Wedding

Clevedon Hall Wedding

We found ourselves in an unusual situation for this Clevedon Hall wedding. The groom was my dad and I was a bridesmaid! Jodie took the reigns on the photography. I jumped in when we needed two of us, helping to organise group photos, the couples session, first dance etc. The rest of the time I was busy looking glamorous and finding out how it felt to be on the other side of the lens!! Don’t worry, Jodie was well fed and looked after. There may even have been a cocktail or two later that night…

The venue was the fabulous Clevedon Hall, North Somerset. The sun was shining, the birds singing, and the guests started arriving mid morning. The whole wedding had a timeless and elegant vintage theme and it was clear how much thought and attention to detail had gone into the preparations. The gorgeous bridal suite was a hub of activity, where you could feel the nervous anticipation. Hannah Rimes was well underway with the finishes touches being made to hair and makeup.

Clevedon Hall Wedding

The sequinned gold bridesmaids dresses truly dazzled, but it was Belinda’s exquisite figure hugging halter neck that was the star of the show.  Jodie captured all the important moments as flowers arrived and champagne was poured. There were first looks, laughter, happy tears and Belinda’s special moments with her daughters.  A huddle of small flower girls giggled and played on the stairs, excited for their big moment ahead and simply enjoying being part of the preparations.

Clevedon Hall Wedding

As the ceremony drew close, Matt Hudson warmed up his voice and took to the microphone, welcoming Belinda, the beautiful bride, down the isle. It was an emotional moment as Tom first laid eyes on his stunning bride and the elegant ceremony room. It’s huge windows and stunning light really leant itself to the magical moment. Tom and Belinda said their vows in front of friends and family, who celebrated by throwing confetti before heading into the stunning gardens for some refreshments and group photos. After greeting all their guests, Tom and Belinda wandered further into the grounds. This was the perfect opportunity to have some time together and stroll around the stunning venue. Jodie captured some artistic first shots as husband and wife and natural moments (which always make the best photographs). 

Clevedon Hall Wedding

Jodie and I worked together capturing the love between the newly weds as they spent time enjoying each others company as the new Mr and Mrs. Clevedon Hall has so many great spots for photography, it’s almost hard to choose where to start. As a result we only stopped because the wedding breakfast was ready! Mr and Mrs Barron made their way into the impressive reception room. The perfect decoration reflected both the grandeur of the hall and the vintage theme of the day.

Clevedon Hall Wedding

Matt Hudson sang again for the guests as they were seated. He created such a great atmosphere, singing the perfect songs for a vintage wedding. Tom and Belinda took their seats and everyone enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal followed by some great speeches. Tom being the joker that he is, had everyone in stitches along with heartfelt moments and recognition of the guests that were not with them.  

Clevedon Hall Wedding

After a short break the evening celebrations were underway. Starting with the cutting of the cake, a glorious masterpiece which has the impressive icing (by Dusicake) and moving into the first dance which came to an end as the rest of the guests joined the contented couple on the dance floor. The celebrations continued until the early hours of the morning, while bringing a wonderful day to an end. Two families joined together with photographs, and most of all memories, that will last a lifetime.  

Wedding Sweet Cart!

Wedding candy cart

No wedding is complete without a wedding sweet cart for your guests in the evening. The party often doesn’t start until quite late, and even with a buffet on its way, everyone enjoys nibbling on some sweets. It’s not just for the kids, the adults will be first in line to grab some treats and maybe even bring a little one up to the table as an excuse!! There are plenty of great companies that will bring a fully stocked sweet cart along to your big day, but why not create your own and make it personal and themed with the rest of your day? You can buy pretty much everything you need online or at wholesalers surprisingly cheaply – saving you money to spend elsewhere and giving you complete creative control.

Wedding sweet cart

Grab yourself some large jars, scoops/tongs and sweet bags, then comes the fun part – choosing your sweets. Bear in mind that not all sweets are vegetarian or nut/gluten free. Are you a classic shrimp and banana fan? Perhaps you prefer a handful of coke bottles, or something more chocolatey. You can be as creative as you like, and keep everything in line with your theme, even ordering personalised paper sweet bags.  Fairy lights look fantastic draped through the arrangement and creative display solutions such as wooden crates and vintage tea stands give a wonderful vintage feel.  Add some personalised signs inviting people to help themselves and handwritten tags to describe the goodies on offer.   Then sit back as the guests appreciate your hard work and all important finishing touches.  

Wedding sweet cart

Now why stop at sweets? There’s cookies and cakes to add too. In fact, the list is literally endless. You can create a fantastically beautiful and extensive choice for your guests that will keep them happy whenever the munchies hit…plus you’ll have enough leftovers to last you for quite some time!

Wedding sweet cartDon’t fancy the idea of sweets? There’s loads of other nibble options without going for a full buffet. Miniature cream tea? Cheese and chutney (a great option if you had a cheese wedding cake)? Or if it’s the height of summer, why not bring in an ice-cream van while your guest relax outside.  You could be traditional and serve the wonderful wedding cake for everyone to enjoy…

Wedding sweet cart

Rather than a wedding sweet cart maybe you’ve opted for a winter wonderland wedding and are looking for a Christmassy theme? How about a festive gingerbread house? A real winner with the kids! I bet there won’t be any left at the end of the evening!!

Wedding sweet cart


Bishopstrow House Wedding

Bishopstrow House Wedding

Lisa and Sylvain – Bishopstrow house wedding

This Bishopstrow House wedding was full of fun and enjoyment. The wedding concierge, Nicola was incredibly helpful when we planned the groups photos and photography timings for the day with her. She even had staff move the garden furniture in anticipation of the family photos later in the day. Set in 27 acres of grounds, Bishoptstrow House has endless photography opportunities. The house has beautiful outside spaces and a warm country house feel inside.
There was plenty of room to photograph the bridal party getting ready, with beautiful summer light for some posed photos before the ceremony. The ceremony itself was in a wonderfully light room which led straight out onto the steps for the formal family photos.
The after breakfast excitement was the traditional French Croquembouche. Consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel, these are brilliant fun. Lisa and Sylvain lit it (and the room) with ice fountains.  These fountains are perfect for indoor use (though make sure you open all the doors and windows to avoid setting off the smoke alarms). Each table had some to hold, though it is possible to get decorative (not hand held) ones too. After the happy couple chopped the top off with a sword everyone had the chance to enjoy the pastry balls for dessert.
The fun didn’t stop there though. We whisked Lisa and Sylvain away for some romantic couples photos. The grounds were perfect with stunning greens and purples dominated by ivy and lavender. The bride and groom had a special request for some photos on their motorbike which was great fun. The light rain didn’t stop them either. We always have large bridal umbrellas with us just in case of heavy rain but we didn’t need them.
After spending some more time with their guests, Lisa and Sylvain joined us in the bridal suite. We topped up Lisa’s makeup leaving her feeling fresh for her evening guests. We had some fun with more photos in the suite – they even climbed into the twin baths for some (clothed!) amusing pictures.
The night finished with a fantastic choreographed dance from the newly weds with the brilliant live band. There was more dancing, a casino and a wandering magician who amazed everyone with his slight of hand.
We wish both with Lisa and Sylvain many happy, healthy and fun filled years together in their new home in France.
T and J xx

How to get the perfect wedding confetti photo.

Wedding confetti

Why wedding confetti?

The original wedding confetti was grain or seeds. It was thrown to bestow fertility upon the bride and groom so that their marriage would be as fruitful as the grain. The word confetti comes from the Italian word for confectionary or sweet. 

Wedding confetti 7

It sounds silly, but don’t forget to remind your guests to bring confetti. So many venues don’t allow synthetic confetti now that many guests don’t bring their own. Check with your venue, find out what you can use and let your guests know. You can always provide your own too. It can be bought in bulk very cheaply from hundreds of online suppliers. If you’re the creative type, now’s the time to make some beautiful confetti cones for your guests to use.

The organisation

Wedding confetti shots don’t coordinate themselves – we’ll do it for you. We’ll ask you to wait inside the wedding venue in the warm and dry so you can make a big exit. We will get the guests lined up outside the door and ready with their confetti, angling both rows of guests into a widening V shape so they can be seen in the photo. Two completely straight lines result in faces being hidden behind long arms.

Wedding confetti 2

We will pre-warn everyone that after you walk out, we will count to three and then everyone will throw their confetti. We will be clear that they throw ON three not AFTER three!! Then we will ask you both to walk out between the two lines of confetti loaded guests, waiting for you to pass three or so guests before we count to three, this way confetti reigns down from behind you too.
We’ll take several pictures as you walk towards us so take your time and enjoy the moment. It’s entirely random, where the confetti falls so we will make sure we have a selection of photos to choose from afterwards. 

Wedding confetti 6


Of course, you don’t have to have your guests throwing from the traditional two rows either. They can stand in a circle around you, or perhaps all on a wide set of stairs with you both at the bottom. They can even throw it from a balcony above you. It’s your day, we will work with you and suggest what would be best for your venue.

Wedding confetti 4


Wedding confetti canons are a great way to get plenty of confetti high into the air and are available online from plenty of suppliers, both small and large. Just make sure you give them to someone responsible to set off!

Wedding confetti 8

Rice, flowers, bubbles, snow…

If your venue restricts the type of confetti you are allowed to throw then consider dried flowers or rice. The bigger the flower petals, the more of an impact they will make in your photos. Dried lavender, whilst smelling lovely, tends to hardly show in photos – and gets stuck in the brides hair leaving the head bridesmaid the tedious job of picking it all out! Rose petals are a little large and tend to obscure the happy couples face. Try something like mixed flowers or this Natural Biodegradable Delphinium Wedding Confetti for the perfect compromise. Or maybe try something completely different like bubble wedding favours or this display snow used at a winter wedding!!
The weather won’t put us off either. Rain or shine, everyone can still through confetti. The wind direction can be a little restrictive and you may find one line of guest eating the confetti. If you’re a guest, choose your side wisely!!

Wedding confetti 5

Wood Norton wedding

Wedding photography

Emma and Mark – Wood Norton wedding

Emma and Mark enjoyed a fabulous Wood Norton wedding in the beautifully crafted hotel built by the Duc D’Orleans. The wonderful venue hosted their whole day from bridal and groom preparations through to a midnight sparkler exit with friends and family. The stunning grounds provided ample opportunities for beautiful photos and the rain held off for most of the day. 

Emma and Mark made the most of the venue with the wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast in separate buildings and the formal family photos outside in the grounds. The weather did it’s best to try and rain but that didn’t put anyone off enjoying the day.

There are so many opportunities for photography a the Wood Norton. Taking advantage of the gap between the ceremony and breakfast we enjoyed the grounds with the newly weds. We even re-created a picture from Emma’s grandfathers wedding which was a beautiful touch for their album. We also whisked them both away later that evening for a sparkler shoot. It was a lot of fun and everyone got creative with the sparklers, especially the best man!

The happy couple held a receiving line to greet everyone before the breakfast. This gave us a great opportunity to photograph all the guests from the day. And with 4 best men speeches there was plenty of speech photo opportunities too. And of course, if you have a sword, why wouldn’t you use it to cut the cake?!!

Both the bride and groom were well looked after by their bridal and grooms parties all day and that really added to the close family feel of the day. The party started early in the evening, and as we were staying until midnight, we got to enjoy all the celebrations. It was a hectic dance floor all night, and everyone had a great time.

Photographing wedding details

Photographing wedding details
You’ve spent a long time planning your wedding and thinking about every little detail – and we want to make sure we photograph them for you to remember and share for years to come. Perhaps you made all the table decorations, or the favours. Your friend may have made your cake or even your dress. Maybe you spent hours hand sewing the bunting and putting up fairy lights. It’s all memories from your big day, or the band playing in the evening are close friends. Photographing wedding detailsWedding photography isn’t just about grabbing the big moments – the vows, the kiss, the cutting of the cake… It’s about every little detail. We’ll find moments during the day to spend time finding the details and showing off your hard work. Just as much thought goes into a picture of the table decoration, as a picture of you walking down the isle.

Photographing wedding details

We always ask before hand if you have any details that are hidden or particularly personal. Perhaps someone is no longer around to be with you on the big day and you have a small photo of them in a charm on your bouquet, or the groom has a specially engraved pair of cufflinks. It’s important we know so we can make sure it’s a part of your gallery too. And if you add any last minute details, you can always let us know when we arrive on the morning of the wedding. It’s also really helpful to know if there are a series of details we should look out for. Look at these handsome guys! They each had a superhero badge. We knew how many there were and so could make sure we found them all…
So, any details, no matter how small, let us know what they are and where we’ll find them and we will include them in your photo memories from the day.Photographing wedding details

Eastwood Park wedding

Eastwood park wedding

Tracey and Darren – Eastwood Park wedding

This Eastwood Park wedding was the fantastic day for Tracey and Darren. Everything happened at the same venue, which made for a very relaxing day. Champagne corks popped, makeup was applied, hair styled and the big day was underway. A few tears were shed, but there was plenty of laughter too – especially with the kids having fun. The bridesmaids all helped Tracey into her dress whilst the groomsmen enjoyed a pint before the ceremony.

There were a few more tears during the beautiful civil ceremony. With the register signed, Tracey and Darren left to cheers and claps from family and friends. The sun was shining for the confetti and group photos. And there’s a great upstairs window for a big aerial group photo. There was plenty of time after the ceremony to for the happy couple to wander the grounds for their couples photos. A very brave Tracey insisted on the photo on the window ledge – it’s an opportunity to good to miss with that stunning stained glass! And with such a fairy tale dress, we took some extra time to shoot more photos by the clocktower. The perfect place to feel like a real Princess.

Even more tears were shed during the moving speeches. Speeches are always such a wonderful opportunity to thank family and friends for always being there. After some beautiful gifts were given out, everyone ventured outside with their drinks to enjoy some more of the evening sunshine. Whilst everyone relaxed, staff were busy setting up the chocolate fountain (always popular!), casino and disco. 

The couple made their big entrance onto the dance floor for their first dance. The party was suddenly underway and everyone joined them to celebrate!

How to get the perfect wedding sparkler photo.

wedding sparkler
First, lets talk safety!! A wedding sparkler is dangerous – it is fire on a stick, particularly in the hands of children and drunk wedding guests. Always make sure there is a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in reach just in case. Also make sure you have somewhere for your guests to put their discarded sparklers. Remember, they will still be very hot.
It needs to be as dark as possible so if you are having a summer wedding, these photos need to be planned for after 11pm at night. Earlier in the evening just won’t be as spectacular. But these late night photos shoots are the perfect way to plan a grand “sparkler exit” to your car.
Choosing the right sparklers is important too. Too short and they will burn too quickly. Too cheap and they tend to produce a large amount of smoke which can be unplesant, especially if you are using large numbers of them. They should be at least 40cm long and of good quality, this should give you a decent burn time and little smoke from them. Here’s the ones we use – 18 inch sparklers.
Couples photos:
To get the best photos you need to choose a spot with the least amount of ambient light. Perferably away from your venue so there is a dark background for your photos. We’ll be the ones running around with the wedding sparkler for the individual photos, but if you do have someone else in mind to do this then make sure they are wearing black. Any light coloured clothing will show up in the photo.
Before we light any wedding sparklers we’ll have a trial run so we know where we need to wave them to achieve your desired picture. Spirals around you both are beautiful, hearts look great too. Words are more difficult (as we have to write them backwards) so please keep them short!!  Have plenty of sparklers available as these pictures (particularly if you are using members of the wedding party) can take several attempts to achieve.
Sparkler tunnel exit photos:
This is much like the confetti shot, only slightly more dangerous! We’ll ask you to wait inside the wedding venue in the warm and dry so you can make a big exit. We will get the guests lined up outside the door and ready with their wedding sparkler, angling both rows of guests into a widening V shape so they can all be seen in the photo. We’ll remind them to keep the sparklers up in the air so it makes a tunnel – not a fire hazard near your wedding dress.
Once everyone has a sparkler, we’ll ask someone to light two sparklers at each end of the lines and get those people to light everyone elses so they all are lit at a similar time. Once all the sparklers are lit and high in the air, we will ask you both to walk out through the beautiful tunnel. Walk slowly and enjoy the moment. Near the end of the line we’ll ask you to stop and kiss. This allows us to get some photos when you are lit by everyone around you.

wedding sparkler

Broyle Place wedding

Broyle Place Powder and Pearls wedding photography

Leah and Mark – Broyle Place wedding

Leah and Mark enjoyed a wonderful outdoor Broyle Place wedding. The fabulous listed Elizabethan manor house is a private home that opens its doors to beautifully intimate weddings. The sun broke through the clouds mid-morning and set the scene for a warm and bright ceremony in the unique boat house. Leah was getting ready at the venue so Mark enjoyed the vintage wedding car, though they both got to enjoy a spin after the ceremony!

The sun shone and the birds sang throughout the intimate ceremony. There was the wonderful smell of flowers and fresh grass that you only get with an outdoor wedding. A cellist added the musical touch to the ceremony – perfect for the quiet outdoors. The happy couple, now married, walked back down the isle hand in hand to the sheers and claps of their family and friends.

Guests were treated to champagne before the family pictures and then everyone was sat for luxury wedding breakfast. Leah was taken by surprise when the secret singing waiters broke into song, and everyone enjoyed a song and dance. It set the scene for a great outdoor evening buffet and party. Later in the evening, family, friends and the new evening guests were treated to a spectacular firework show on the lawns at the front of the house. We grabbed the opportunity for some late night couples photos too, while everyone else partied the night away. Then Mark and Leah rejoined the party and hit the dance floor once more.

Many guests stayed overnight at the beautiful venue, some in the fun yurts at the back of the building! And the whole family, newly joined, enjoyed a filling breakfast together before heading off home. What a wonderful end to the wedding celebrations. Congratulations Mark and Leah!!

The Perfect Wedding Couple’s Photos

Wedding Portfolio
It’s your big day, you’ve just said your vows and and you are officially married. Now that your guests are having drinks and mingling, it’s time for us to capture your beauty together. We’ll take you to a secluded spot at your venue so you can enjoy your first quiet moments together as a married couple. You don’t need to worry about how to stand or pose, we’ll help you with everything. We want your pictures to be natural and relaxed.

Wedding photography couples

It doesn’t matter what the weather does either. This is Britain after all! Summer is no guarantee of good weather, but we won’t let that get in the way of your photos. We always come prepared with large bridal umbrellas to keep you dry.
Wedding photography couplesThere’s often the option to get some great photos under trees with good canopy cover, under an archway at your venue, in your wedding car if you have one, or perhaps on a balcony.
Because we are with you all day, if the weather clears up we can get back outside and take more photos. We can be really flexible on the day and rearrange any plans to fit in come rain or shine.
We’ll bring a couple of small props with us too to add to the photos. If you have some of your own just let us know and we’ll incorporate them.
One of the most popular choices is the “Thank you” sign. Because we include all the high resolution digital images in our wedding packages, it means you can use these photos for your thank you cards. Of course, if you have a special sign or message for your guests, we can include that too 🙂

Wedding photography couples

We want you to have fun too. This is a celebration of you love and your commitment to your future together. It’s not all serious…Wedding photography couples