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Goldbrick House wedding

Naomi and Lee – Goldbrick House wedding

There aren’t many Christmas weddings which is such as shame as they are so wonderfully festive. A Goldbrick house wedding was truly perfect venue for a festive wedding. 

Naomi’s bridal preparations were at home with her children and bridesmaid. Once her hair and makeup were finished she slipped into her dress and quietly waited for her car. In the meantime, we headed off to the venue. Lee was there waiting with his best man. The venue looked stunning and the guests were relaxing at the bar with a cocktail or two.

The ceremony was bathed in a wonderful light from all the windows and everyones heart melted with Naomi’s children walked down the isle. With the ceremony complete, the guest threw snow as their confetti. What a wonderful touch!! 

A city venue gave us the opportunity to create some really different couples photos. We headed out into the street and the hustle and bustle of Bristol to capture the wintery light. Lots of shoppers stopped to grab a quick photo on their phone! Before the newly weds became too chilly, we headed back into the warm for a tasty wedding breakfast. Naomi and Lee even included us in the meal and it was wonderful to be part of their big day.

Then of course the party started, with the cutting of a cheese cake, the serving of mince pies and an amazing gingerbread house that was soon demolished by the kids. Goldbrick house has a very intimate feel with lots of smaller rooms so the guest could spread out and relax on sofas and armchairs, taking advantage of the private bar. No-one went hungry or thirsty on this happy day.

For us, the night finished after the romantic first dance, but things certainly didn’t end there for the guests, and we left while the party was in full swing.

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