Prepare for your trial

Thank you for booking your Make-Up Trial for your forthcoming wedding.  I am looking forward to working with you to create a stunning bridal look that you will feel comfortable with and that will last throughout your special day.
We will have already set up the studio to meet your needs.  Our purpose built photographic and make up studio is situated to the rear of my property and is totally private. You’ll find us at 29 Priors Lea, Yate, BS37 4DF. You can park right outside, don’t worry about blocking any cars in.

Location map

To understand your individual needs, so I can tailor the type of make up I will use at your trial, it would be helpful if you could read through the list of questions I will be asking you at your trial.  Don’t worry if you are unsure of any details at this stage:
*Will there be natural or artificial lighting during the ceremony?
*Will you be wearing a veil?
*Will your hair be worn up or down?
*What colour is your dress?
*What colour are your flowers?
*What colour are your bridesmaid dresses (if any)?
*Is there a ‘theme’ to your wedding?
*What is your skin type (e.g dry, oily, combination/sensitive)?
*Do you have any skin allergies/scars or areas of concern?
*Will you be wearing glasses or contact lenses on the day?
*Do you normally wear make up (how much make up)?
*Have you ever worn false eyelashes?
*Will you be having eyelash extensions on the wedding day?
*Will you be having a spray tan before the wedding day ?
To get a true idea of your make up style, it is helpful if you see any photos of bridal make up you like in magazines or online to either rip out the photos or save the images and email them to me on or bring them with you on the day.  If you also have pictures of your dress/flowers or bridesmaid dresses please send/bring those too.  All of those things really help me to get a feel for your wedding.
Here are a few things I recommend doing to prepare and get get the most of of your trial:
*Wear a similar colour top to your wedding dress.  For example if you are wearing a white wedding dress and you wear a red top on your trial, the reflection will affect the tone of the make up.  Try not to wear something that is high necked so I can apply make up without getting it on your clothing.
*Ensure your skin is as make up free if possible.  I will perform a full skin, cleanse and tone prior to make up application.  If you have sensitive skin I am happy to use your preferred brand so please bring this with you or have it ready.
*Don’t have a facial in the week before the trial as it will bring out any redness, impurities and bumps out on the surface of the skin.  The same goes for facial waxing.
*If you are planning on having a spray tan before the big day, it’s a good idea to also have the tan before the make up trial (at least a few days before) so we can see how it works with the make up look. It’s not a big problem if later on down the line you decide on having a spray tan but I would recommend at least one trial run so there are no surprises with the colour.
*The trial is all about finding the make up that is right for you and to your taste.  Please tell me as we go if there are any areas you do and don’t like – I won’t be offended 🙂  It’s about you feeling comfortable and I’ll ensure that you’re happy with your look before you leave.  One person’s idea of natural make up maybe heavy make up to another, so the trial is a perfect way to communicate your preferences. Trials normally take just over an hour for brides and 45 mins for other bridal party members.
*I will make notes on all of the products and application techniques I have used and take a photo for my records, so I can recreate the same look again for you.
*Trials work best in natural daylight (unless you’re having an evening ceremony with artificial light).
*Make up trials are an excellent chance to be pampered in the run up to your wedding and for us to meet and find out more about each other.   Why not plan an evening out or arrange your make up trial on the morning of a event so you can show off your look and ensure it’s long lasting?
Please don’t forget to collect any pictures of wedding make up you would like and of your dress and flowers etc and email them to me (info@powderand or bring them on the day.  If you have any questions before then please just ask…..Jodie x