Stratton House wedding

Stratton House wedding

Marie and Andrew – Stratton House wedding

In the midst of the Cotswolds, a Stratton house wedding is a wonderful way to start your married life together. Getting ready at the hotel made for a relaxing start to the day. Marie prepared for her day in a spacious guest room whilst Andrew arrived before the ceremony, almost ready to go. Marie and Andrew wanted to be together before the ceremony – without seeing each other of course! So they met quietly either side of a door. Then met for real at the top of the isle! 

Once the couple were happily married all the guests came out to enjoying the blazing hot sunshine. The bride and groom had organised for some birds of prey to provide the entertainment. It was great fun watching the birds astound everyone. And the weather was perfect – we took advantage of it for the couples photos. Including the birds, the grounds and the inside the hotel itself provided plenty of opportunity.

Marie was wearing a fantastic hand sewn black and white wedding dress with a hand made veil. It featured in plenty of the photographs and will be wonderful to look back on in years to come. She also had a black and pink bouquet that was “tossed” later in the evening. The happy couple also had an unusual Tardis wedding cake. It smelt fantastic and no doubt was enjoyed by all the guests.

The evening was a great party, the cake was cut, the DJ started and the couple danced. Everyone joined them on the dance floor for what looked like a lot of fun. All the work that had gone into planning the wedding was enjoyed by everyone. Every detail had been thought of and it all came together in a wonderful wedding celebration.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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