Wedding First Dance – Booking

Wedding First Dance

Book now for just £199!!  It’s so easy and can all be competed online with a few clicks.  We offer a worldwide service.  This one off fee includes:
Personalised dance choreography to a full length track of your choice, produced within 7-10 working days (please contact us prior to payment if you require it sooner)
An online form to determine your dance/fitness levels and ideas so we can develop a suitable routine for you, totally unique to your wedding
Options for a romantic couples dance, something a little different or even a fun flash mob (or maybe a mixture!)
Online hosting of your dance video shot in a professional studio setting AND a video breakdown of selected steps
Your dance video hosted right up until your wedding day so there’s unlimited options to practice at a convenient time in the privacy of your own home (or even at your desk!)
Password protected and top secret
Ability to share your online dance video with members of your wedding party if you wanted them to learn a flash mob routine (or even just share the dance with them)
Comments section so your selected wedding guests can check in and update you with their process on learning the dance
No need to try and get your wedding party together at the same time to practice the dance or hire a big studio
No pressure of having a dance teacher come to your home or having to pay for extra lessons and rehearsals
Online support if you have any questions
The services of a professional dancer and choreographer who, as an added bonus, has years of experience in the wedding industry as a photographer so knows exactly how to wow with a first dance!
Book now and you’ll be looking forward to you wedding first dance instead of dreading it!
Wedding First Dance